Tactical Explosive Entry School

The TACTICAL EXPLOSIVE ENTRY SCHOOL has firmly established itself as this country’s leading training institute for law enforcement and military special operation teams.
Our philosophy is simple – “Train for the worst case scenario.”

We believe in hands-on training with the emphasis placed on realism and safety.

The 16-acre facility has been designed specifically for hostage rescue, high risk warrant and explosive entry training. The compound consists of: Two 3000 sq ft bullet-proof shoot houses
Paper and steel CQB ranges
Two sniper ranges out to 375 yards
Demolition range
Heated / air-conditioned classroom
Weapon / ammunition storage magazine
If required, our instructors are available to travel to your location to conduct a program.

The techniques taught at T.E.E.S. have been time tested and operationally proven. I personally guarantee that your team will benefit from your participation on one of our tactical programs.